Eviatar Nevo

Prof. Eviatar Nevo
Prof. Eviatar Nevo

Institute of Evolution at University of Haifa, ISRAEL

From Wikipedia:

Eviatar Nevo is founder and director of the Institute of Evolution at University of Haifa. He is a Foreign Member of the Linnean Society, London (1990) and of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (1997). He is a Foreign Associate Member in Evolutionary Biology section of the National Academy of Sciences, USA (2000), an Honorary Member of the Ukrainian Botanical Society (1995), of the American Society of Mammalogists (2002), and the Israel Zoological Society (2007). He received Honorary doctorates from World University (1990) and the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.
Nevo works with many evolutionary subjects, involving understanding and tracking of speciation processes, modifications of highly evolved traits (vision), climatic and geographic effects in sympatric speciation in insects, bacteria, fungi, mammals and crops. He is a proponent of evolutionary models where environmental stressors acting positively to shape genetic polymorphisms.
The model of “Evolution Canyon” is a microscale open environment where two opposite slopes with contrasting climatic conditions have also finer biotic adaptations that have been researched at different biological scales, supporting the evolution in action generating evidence of sympatric speciation, and of particular impact and interest are the works in Drosophila and in wild barley.