Gidi Baum

Dr. Gidi Baum
Dr. Gidi Baum

Lab Manager (part time- the rest of the time I am a bee keeper)

I am responsible for the “wet lab” part of the group. I am responsible for the “wet lab” part of the group.

I have an undergraduate degree in Animal science from the Faculty of Agriculture, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. An M.Sc. from the department of Genetics and a Ph.D. from the department of Plant Genetics, both at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
I did a 4 year Post-doc in the lab of Prof. Anthony Trewavas FRS in Edinburgh University, Scotland.

I have worked for about ten years as the head of molecular biology and a senior Scientist at Protalix Biotherapeutics- I have joined when it was a start-up company with 7 employees and left when it became a Nasdaq traded company with about 200 employees.
Before joining the Faculty of Medicine, I have worked for a few years at Migal galilee research institute, and as an expert examiner for the Chief Scientist office in the Ministry of Economy.