Tamir Tuller

Prof. Tamir Tuller
Prof. Tamir Tuller

Faculty of Engineering and the Edmond J. Safra Center for Bioinformatics, Tel Aviv University, ISRAEL

The research focus of Tamir Tuller’s group is mainly on the folowing directions:
Computational Modeling of Gene Expression – development of computational predictive models to mathematically analyze and simulate the different stages of gene expression, focusing on gene translation. The models are based on biophysical and stochastic aspects of this process.
Engineering of Gene Expression – development of supervised and unsupervised approaches for engineering gene expression for various biotechnological objectives.
Deciphering the Gene Expression Code – execution of large scale analyses of genomic data to discern the way various aspects of gene expression are encoded in the transcript.
Evolutionary Systems Biology – studying of various questions related to the evolution of biological systems. Specifically group endeavor to deduce the evolution of gene expression and the co-evolution of various intra-cellular components.
Computational Study of Molecular Evolution – group develops and analyzes algorithms for answering various questions in molecular evolution.
Gene Expression in Diseases – group analyzes and models gene expression in autoimmune diseases and cancer to better understand their pathogenesis, for screening and diagnosis, and aiming at developing new therapeutic approaches.