Yishai Levin

Dr. Yishai Levin
Dr. Yishai Levin

De Botton Institute For Protein Profiling, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, ISRAEL

Dr. Yishai Levin, Head of the de Botton Institute for Protein Profiling.
The research focus of Yishai Levin’s protein profiling team is mainly on the folowing directions:

  • global quantification of protein expression;
  • analysis of protein-protein interactions;
  • targeted quantification of proteins and PTMs (SRM, PRM);
  • analysis of serum/plasma including immunodepletion;
  • global quantification of the phosphoproteome (Fe-IMAC);
  • global detection of ubiquitination sites (using anti k-GG enrichment);
  • analysis of histone modifications;
  • global analysis of S-nitrosylation (SNO-RAC method;
  • global analysis of protein redox states (OxiCAT).